Status Quo

Most hospitals have inefficient non-digital processes as well as unconnected and outdated IT systems. This prevents them from having efficient daily operations & offering patients state-of-the-art services.

  • Incomprehensible & analog workflows
  • Paper-based processes
  • Numerous, unconnected systems
  • Outdated & incomprehensible software

Avelios - The modular hospital platform

Avelios is a modular hospital platform that digitizes and optimizes all processes in hospitals in a user-friendly way. The state-of-the-art software supports all staff in their daily work and additionally enables the development and use of innovations such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, telemedicine, patient applications and wearables to fundamentally improve patient care and research.

Software Avelios Medical

Why Avelios?

Avelios offers state-of-the-art hospital software


Increased Productivity

Avelios saves hospitals a significant amount of time by digitizing workflows and increasing the efficiency of processes.


Interconnected System

Our system is fully connected and offers interfaces to all existing systems and solutions.


State-of-the-art Software

Our modular software platform provides a modern user interface, continuous updates & increased data security.


Better Patient Care

Digitized workflows lead to higher quality of patient care & lower risk of mistreatments.


Increased Employee & Patient Satisfaction

Saved time enables employees to fulfil tasks properly & patients to receive appropriate attention.


Easier & Complete Documentation

Fully digital documentation prevents loss of information & automatically generates structured data.

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Cutting edge research

Together with leading research institutions, Avelios is developing the next generation of diagnostic support systems. We are introducing state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms into every aspect of hospital practice.

Customers & Partners

We are cooperating closely with our customers & partners