About Us

The start of Avelios

The idea to found Avelios Medical was born when Sebastian and Nicolas were working on a research project regarding the practical use of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence in a large German university hospital. Being a doctor himself, Sebastian was building up a research department focused on Artificial Intelligence, while Nicolas was leading the department regarding the development of algorithms with the help of Machine Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks as IT-expert.

Working on the project, both quickly realized that the successful use of cutting-edge technologies was only possible in highly digitized hospitals: most of the processes were paper-based, analog and inefficient while the software solutions in place were outdated and not communicating with each other. This made it very difficult and time-consuming to only gather structured data, let alone use it to apply machine learning algorithms.

In order to solve these problems and find a convincing solution, Sebastian and Nicolas analyzed several other hospitals, interviewed numerous healthcare experts and conducted detailed research. Given that not a single satisfying solution was available, both decided to build a state-of-the-art digital hospital platform themselves. It was apparent that a software solution enabling hospitals to digitize and improve workflows across all departments, integrating and communicating seamlessly with existing systems, and providing a modern and easy-to-use interface would provide significant value to many hospitals and enable them to provide better patient care.

The team quickly got started with Sebastian being responsible for all hospital- and medicine-related topics, Nicolas being in charge of product and software development and Christian complementing the founding team as expert for all business-related topics. Complementing each other well, the team combines the knowledge and experience required to reach their goal of fully digitizing hospitals in order to improve patient care and employee satisfaction significantly.